Why Fine Wine Is the Best Gift: 6 Perfect Occasions

Gift-giving is always tricky. Get it right and you’re golden, get it wrong and well, chances are you’ll be in the doghouse for months. Personally, I love surprises, but God forbid if you don’t tell me what my surprise is before you give it to me, I’ll go bloody mad. To top it all, what makes giving me presents even harder is that I won’t tell you what I want beforehand, preferring instead to wave my hands loftily and say  “Oh, just get me anything, it’ll be fine”. This, of course, is untrue… I like Chanel. 

Of course, it’s the thought that counts, but don’t you just hate it when your Great Auntie Mary gives you a complete set of Julio Inglesias cds because they made her “think of you”. Even if your giftees are not as picky or difficult as me, finding the perfect gift is a minefield. Many of us are notorious procrastinators when it comes to present giving, adding an extra layer of stress to the whole, horrible ordeal. There are Christmas gift guides a plenty come December, but what about the rest of the year? Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation gifts … it seems like every month brings a new occasion for celebrating. And here’s the thing: great gifts are very hard to come by. They require thought and research and let’s be honest, who has time for that these days?

Why Give Fine Wine as a Gift?

Have you ever noticed how that lovely jumper you brought your mum only comes out for “special occasions?”. Or how your dad never wears the aftershave you bought him? Yup, let’s face it. They just didn’t like it. I can’t count the number of times I have let my parents, children, friends etc down with a bad gift and, quite frankly, I’m fed up with throwing my money down the drain. So, I’m going to let you into a little secret. I have discovered one thing that ticks all the right boxes each and every time. 

Wine, glorious wine. Fine if possible. One of investment (fine) wine’s greatest fallacies is that the entry price is very high, but that’s just not true. Good wine is open to everyone, no matter the budget. Invest in the right bottle and you’ll even gain brownie points as, in theory at least, it really is the gift that keeps on giving. As fine wine gets older, it will gain in quality (ergo value) as time goes on, providing it has been properly stored. It goes without saying that a bottle of Barolo is far sexier than a bond, but even if you’re not giving for investment purposes, you can, of course, consume the product; I, myself have a gorgeous Dom Perignon that was given to me when my daughter was born that I can’t wait to pop open on her 18th in a couple of months. 

What’s sure with fine wine is that, whatever the occasion, you’re sure to be successful. After all, people have been giving wine as gifts as far back as the Ancient Greeks. Even Queen Cleopatra is said to have been buried with a plentiful supply, ensuring that she would be well-stocked in the afterlife. 

The beauty of wine as a gift is that it never goes out of fashion – like Elvis or Converse, it remains eternally cool. However, before you go down to your local Oddbins, here are a few pointers on giving wine as a gift:

  • Pick a vintage to celebrate a special year: Birth? Graduation? Wedding? It’s always nice to get a personalised gift, so choosing a wine that have a special date significance is particularly lovely. 
  • Fine wine can be valuable long-term: As one of 2021’s leading passion assets, fine wine really is the gift that keeps on giving. Store it correctly and your gift will grow into something really exciting in a few years. Just make sure the cork stays in.
  • Fine wine can last in time: It’s not only about investing. The beauty of fine wine is that it is a literal liquid asset, so if you are saving it for a special day, then you know that you’ll be raising a glass with something very nice inside.
  • It is perfect for wine lovers: While there are very few of us who don’t like wine, some us us are real affectionados. And believe me when I say that real wine lovers are a picky bunch. Therefore, when it comes to getting the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life, it can be a minefield. So if you’re looking for something for their cellar, make sure it’s going to last. Using a good wine investment app such as Vindome is a great way to get started.

6 Occasions to Give Fine Wine as a Gift 

The reason it’s difficult to give wine as a gift is the same reason wine is so wonderful: a bottle of wine is much more than just its contents. It communicates values, such as history, taste, esteem, and investment. If we’ve convinced you that it’s time for fine wine to shine, what are the best occasions to give a case of the good stuff? 


A graduation present is always a tricky one. Sure, you’ll be cracking open a nice bottle of bubbly on the big day, but what about something that will last? Let’s assume that your son or daughter (neice, nephew, godson etc) is in the Class of ‘22, and has a bright future ahead. No one knows where that will take them, but chances are they’ll be moving around a bit. A wine investment is ideal as the lucky giftee can keep it safe in storage, while they’re busy changing the world.


Let’s face it, no one who gets married these days needs a new toaster. Most couples have lived together for many years, and even on the rare occasions that couples haven’t got the same address, chances are they’ll have two of everything, and won’t need some new towels. Enter fine wine – even better if you can get a vintage that is special to the happy couple. Vindome offers fantastic Collections that come with a beautiful gift certificate that the happy couple can frame. 


As couples get older and accumulate more life experiences, presents tend to get less showy and more personal. Sure, you splash the cash when you’re still getting to know each other (and still looking to impress), but after a while, personal presents get a preference. Rather than giving each other jewellery or watches for your anniversary, why not buy each other a fantastic bottle of wine? Choose a vintage and region that is personal to you, and believe me, you’ll ignite that spark come sundown. 


If you are someone who spends hours choosing the perfect pino for the perfect occasion, then you know how complicated the fine wine world can be. Much like anniversaries, birthdays are a special time in the year and require an especially thoughtful present. Invest in a bottle, case or collection by using our user friendly app and you’ll be not only be giving the gift that keeps on giving but finally giving something that they really want.

New apartment

Anyone who has ever moved house or apartment will know that moving is stressful. And, let’s face it, it’s expensive. Most new homeowners will be spending the next few years investing in their property, so they won’t be thinking about investing in their future. But there will come a time that that nest egg will come in handy. Giving the gift of wine to the new homeowners you know can help to take the edge off of the stress and let them celebrate the joy of a new home. 

Birth of a child

Buying wine to lay down for newborn babies, dated with the relevant birth year is a great idea. Wine’s increasing popularity as an attractive financial investment. New parents are thrilled by the idea of starting a cellar for their little one, so if you can help them to make a well-formed decision, or even start their portfolio that will mature on the baby’s 18th or 21st then, in my opinion, that’s one of the best gifts ever. 

Of course, we’re biased, but in our opinion, there’s nothing not to like when giving fine wine as a gift. If giving for investment purposes, however, do make sure you have correct storage, otherwise, your beautiful Bordeaux will be as worthless as water. Vindome offers professional storage as part of its one-stop wine app, so we cannot recommend enough the importance of going the extra mile. 

If you must insist on drinking your fabulous first growth or you want to keep hold of your super second, then please read our guide on how to store wine if you want to keep it at home.

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