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What does a ‘corked’ wine mean?

A wine being ‘corked’ is not a consequence of time under cork or having bits of cork floating in it, but a specific chemical (2,4,6-trichloroanisole, or TCA). This taints the wine, which it acquires through contact with a naturally occurring mold in the bark of the tree from which the cork is cut. (Technically –… Continue reading What does a ‘corked’ wine mean?

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Benefits of Paying in Cryptocurrency for Your Wine Investments

One of my greatest regrets is when my son, aged about 11 or 12, came to me and said “We’ve been learning about this brilliant thing called Bitcoin in school. We should invest”. This was about 2010 or thereabouts and yes, had we listened to him we would be millionaires by now. But we didn’t.… Continue reading Benefits of Paying in Cryptocurrency for Your Wine Investments

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Why Checking the Authenticity of Your Wine is Important

Like other valuable and investable commodities, wine is sometimes now the victim of fraud – from bottles refilled or passed off as older or younger than they are to outright counterfeits.  Using a trusted wine supplier is the best way to avoid the possibility of falling victim to counterfeit or badly stored wine in a… Continue reading Why Checking the Authenticity of Your Wine is Important

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The Future is Female: How Women Investors and Fine Wine Are a Match Made in Heaven

Traditionally, the worlds of fine wine, investing, and particularly fine wine investing, have been shaped by men. Perceived as male-dominated, with images of elderly gentlemen in cellars or boardrooms, the world of wine has been an off-limits subject to the fairer sex. But that is all changing.

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The Barbie Effect: Why Sales of Rosé Wine are on the Rise

Hands up if you have been bitten by the Barbie bug. If your wardrobe has slowly seen an influx of pink clothes, or your home has had a few whimsical touches added in the past few weeks, then you’re not alone. Blame Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, and the Barbie film. Assuming you… Continue reading The Barbie Effect: Why Sales of Rosé Wine are on the Rise

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Saturnalia Barolo Harvest Report 2022

For the third consecutive year, we are delighted to partner with Saturnalia on Saturnalia provides exclusive, fine wine data analysis to deliver detailed harvest reports by region and appellation. Their findings are based on factual and independent data including satellite observation, weather data, geology, topography and wine prices. This in-depth information provides potential inventors with a competitive advantage against the market. If you are thinking of investing in Barolo, then this report is a must read. 

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Interview with Vindome CEO Ingrid Brodin

Meet Ingrid, Vindome’s CEO and Co-founder. Prior to launching Vindome in 2019, Swedish-born Ingrid worked in the financial arena and with successful start-up businesses. She lives in Monaco with her husband and two children. What led you to create Vindome? Vindome was born from the realisation that fine wine investment was not as popular in… Continue reading Interview with Vindome CEO Ingrid Brodin

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