Fine Wine Investment Report Q1 2024


· Fine Wine market showing signs of recovery after the effects of a weak 2023

· Some wine sectors present a great investment opportunity.

· Vindome experienced several areas of growth that were well above the market average.

· En Primeur excitement grows about the 2023 vintage, and last year’s spectacular 2022s.

The fine Wine market is showing signs of recovery after the effects of a weak 2023.

2024 seems likely to be a year of upheavals, just as 2023 was, but the wine market may be over the worst of the corrections and declines following the excellent trading years of 2021-22.

Burgundy prices are experiencing the most significant volatility, with some allocations (of the excellent and reasonably plentiful 2022 vintage) needing to be taken up. Champagne continues to experience its post-pandemic blooming.

The Rhône is stabilising after some steep declines last year. Bordeaux – often the wine region to show the first signs of emerging from instability – may see some exciting growth opportunities this year, especially on the Right Bank.

It is often at auction where the first buds of growth emerge from a recovering market, and the fine wine auctioneers are reporting growth again for the first time. According to Wine Market Journal, in the US, the broad market index is up 1.77% over the first quarter, while the index of top 500 wines is up 1.42%. 

Great opportunity for investment

One positive of a declining market on the point of upturning is the very real investment opportunity. You can trust us at Vindome to seek out the greatest and most competitive offers with the best potential for a great return on your investment. Although the only sectors to show overall growth in Q1 2024 were Champagne and Tuscany, the list of the top-performing wines features the more usual Bordeaux, Burgundy, and premium New World, with only two Champagnes in the top 10.

We at Vindome continue to have access to good stocks of Bordeaux and Italy and will continue to bring you Collection and Spot offers, which are sure to perform well.

Vindome experienced several areas of growth that were well above the market average.

Throughout 2022, Vindome outperformed the general market, with many of our offers showing double-digit growth. A quite incredible performance.

Our top three collection offers all performed exceptionally well:

Our Top 3 Spot offers in Q1 outperformed the market with growth of 15% – 23% in 8 weeks:

We have ongoing and amazing offers, such as the following:

En Primeur investments offering growing returns.

With the wider market somewhat plentifully supplied with wines from the vintages 2019 – 2022, as well as a decline in sales of generic and inexpensive Bordeaux wines, it seems likely that there will be significant, and perhaps extreme price cuts for the 2023 vintage soled En Primeur – the new releases must be competitive against older wines currently available for the campaign to be successful.

Although 2022 saw some magnificent wines, the heat of the growing season was apparent in many of them, particularly at the lower end. The somewhat cooler growing season of 2023 is likely to have produced more classic and likely longer-lived wines of precision and class. We will be widely tasting the En Primeur wines in the next few weeks, so please keep in touch for comments and offers as they arrive.

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