Portfolio Performance For Your Wine Investment App

Investing in wine is traditionally thought of as an elite pastime. The market is well-known for its myths; the entry level is high, the asset volatile and even if you have a nose as good as famed wine critic Robert Parker, how do you know that what you’re spending your hard-earned cash on is actually going to be worth something when the time comes to sell it.

The fine wine investment market has long enjoyed its opaque reputation. Much of the investment industry is in the business of making things sound complex so that ordinary people feel inadequate in order to turn over control of their money to an “expert”. These brokers and third parties might be able to give you advice but is that advice worth the – often expensive – premium that goes with it. And does that same advice guarantee superior returns?

The simple truth is no. While trustworthy advice is always welcome, active investors can find the same data if they look. A little education coupled with a curious mind and a reputable wine investment app is all you really need to start your wine investment journey. Having control over your portfolio not only means that you’ll stay in full control of your wine assets but you’ll also save a fair bit of money in the process. This means there’s more left over to invest! Win-win!

New Generation Wine Investment

Fine wine investments appeal to those who want to diversify their assets and feel they want to protect their portfolio from external factors. No one could predict Covid-19, yet no one could deny it happened. Big-picture economic climate and political uncertainty, plus unfortunate happenings worldwide translate to high selling pressure and a decrease in prices. The knock-on effect affects many (if not most) stocks, and creates volatility and unpredictability. 

Investing in wine provides you with an alternative asset for investment that not only has potential for future growth but has little correlation to the stock market. This was notably proven during the free fall of 2020, when the traditional stock market spiralled out of control yet fine wine’s high returns remained steady, gaining 13% annual returns during a catastrophic year (this figure increased to 16% in 2021). 

The fine wine market offers investors a promising future, spurred on by a growing interest in alternative investments and passion assets. Demographics are changing too; today the wine investment trade interests a much younger audience, contrary to an average age of around 60 a few years ago. The arrival of the digital age has opened the market to Gen Z’ers and Millenials who want to be in control of their cash and are not afraid to handle their own finances.

The arrival of wine investment apps such as Vindome.net has opened the market to a far-reaching global audience. As emerging economies in countries such as Brazil, India, China and Russia open up to the potential of digital trading, so do the possibilities. You do the maths: as more people become interested in investing in wine, opportunities arise for those looking to make money off a growing market.

The good news is that if you are interested in investing in wine, it really isn’t difficult to build and manage a personal portfolio of assets. Using many of the same techniques as the pros, it’s easy to buy stock and sell for a long term profit. 

And users agree. Adriano, a Vindome.net user since 2020 says, “Brilliant, we can finally evaluate the development of our investment. I had an excellent performance enhanced by the sale of a few dozen bottles with a 10% gain in less than 6 months. I am now very satisfied with my choice to invest in Vindome. And I am also very comfortable with the app now.”.

How to Track Your Portfolio Performance?

Traditionally, tracking your portfolio performance has been a laborious affair. Online tracking services such as Robo Advisors and Brokerages would keep all your data in one place, but they would not anticipate potential diversity from stocks and shares. You can of course track your investments with these personal finance apps, or even go old school DIY with spreadsheets or even a trading journal, but both these solutions are time laborious and are dependent on user data input. What’s more, keeping track of your assets can be a daunting task, and not just when it is time for your annual tax return! Sources are scattered across websites and published in various investment media, turning your wine investment pastime into a full time job. So the question is: how can you accurately track your wine investment portfolio easily and make sure that you have all the information you need at your fingertips. 

Thankfully, there’s an app for that. 

Introducing Portfolio Performance by Vindome

Investors who want to pro-actively manage their portfolio but need relevant investment sites are on the rise. These savvy men and women want to make informed decisions and be able to access their personal data all in the same place. And if you can trade wines on the live market, well that’s just a no brainer.

Vindome gives you all your wine portfolio details at a glance

This is where Vindome comes in. The improved wine investment app allows its users to become smarter investors from their smartphone. The app was launched in 2019 with great success but CEO Ingrid Brodin felt it was time to enhance its offering. “Our purpose at Vindome is to enable active investors to make confident portfolio decisions and better understand the dynamics of wine investments. Our portfolio performance function allows for this and our team worked around the clock to enable this function far earlier than originally anticipated. The improved UX experience has been received with immense success; our users are at the centre of everything we do and we are committed to guaranteeing them the best possible experience.”

Using feedback from their current customer base, Vindome integrated advanced upgrades to their app so that it reflected what the user wanted. This makes the Vindome user experience a seamless journey, allowing both current and future users to get the most out of their app. 

Data-driven analysis for a healthy portfolio performance

First of all, Vindome grants access to market performance data from Wine Decider completely free of charge. If the past has been all about keeping the user away from the data so that only a few select brokers and third parties can access the info, Vindome in contrast empowers the user to see historical wine data and make informed decisions.  By allowing the end user to have all the access they need at their fingertips – including informative and well-written wine guides, access to an online community of over 7,000 like-minded, new generation traders plus wine ratings and the possibility to store and insure all your wines bought on the app, Vindome has created the only one-stop wine investment app on the market. And it’s all completely free. Yes, really. 

Having all the data stored in one place allows you to monitor your investments in real-time. Additionally, having them stored on an app means you can monitor your wine’s growth and predict future results from wherever you are, provided you have your phone with you (and who these days doesn’t have their phone with them?). A customisable dashboard will get you to your preferred wines faster and better, making every user’s Vindome experience completely personal. 

Users concur: take Pierluigi for example, an Italian based Vindomer, “I think the new dashboard is really helpful; it allows you to visualise your product portfolio and its trends at a glance.” Daniele, another investor, agrees, “I’m really happy regarding the service provided by Vindome. As a beginner in the market, I ask a lot of questions. So, when I have doubts, I know I can reach out and a Vindome team member will always be available to help. What’s more, I can control my wine investments and follow market trends thanks to the Portfolio Performance.”

One of Vindome’s greatest satisfactions comes from being able to accompany their investors on their wine journey. Everyone is special to the team at Vindome,  whether they are discovering the market for the first time, or are seasoned investors. No one puts it better than Andrea, one of Vindome’s original clients. 

I’m a Vindome investor from the very beginning. During the lockdown, I was struggling to get in touch with my broker. Vindome turned out to be a smart alternative that allowed me to check the availability of the best fine wines on the marketplace and create bids directly from my sofa, night and day, buying in one click. Thanks to the new app dashboard and the portfolio performance my user experience significantly improved. The new app interface enables me to easily access the most relevant insights such as the portfolio value fluctuations and the new offers on the Live Market which are refreshed daily by other users. Thanks to the new upgrades, I’ve increased the time spent on the app being able to control my investments more often as well as not missing out on the most prestigious labels which run out quickly.

With an abundance of useful widgets of all kinds, Vindome focuses on making sure your wine investment journey is seamless, enjoyable and above all, relevant. Its simple, informative and relatable content clears away the noise that so often plagues investment apps, and is a welcome breath of fresh air in an environment that so badly needs it. If the question is a modern wine investment platform for hands-on, pro-active planners, then the answer might well be Vindome.

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