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Port Wine: Definitive Guide & 5 Bottles to Try

Wine connoisseurs and otherwise will be all too familiar with the sweet taste of port wine – that iconic accompaniment to your dessert, which hails from Portugal but has a global reputation. But if you are thinking about investing in port, you should be well-acquainted with the basics: What is port wine? What is it… Continue reading Port Wine: Definitive Guide & 5 Bottles to Try

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Fermentation of Wine: Explained

What is wine fermentation? To many, it is a mysterious process that transforms vine-grown fruit into a heaven-sent beverage. But if you’re into wine investing and you’re using a wine investing app, you probably know that fermentation is key when it comes to the taste of wine. The oenophiles among us may also know that: … Continue reading Fermentation of Wine: Explained

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