Why starting a fine wine portfolio is the ideal graduation gift

With graduation just around the corner, it would be safe to say that there will be some present giving going on when the results come in. But, it hasn’t been easy for the class of ‘22. Starting their degrees amid Covid confusion, having many (if not all) of their lessons online and not meeting their teachers or friends face to face has been very, very hard for the next generation of leaders. In fact, even reaching their graduation milestone is a phenomenal achievement. 

The question is, what to get your graduate as a congratulations present? Instead of the traditional graduation gifts of a briefcase or a nice pen, there is a rising trend among parents, uncles, aunts and godparents who have taken to thinking outside the box. Sure, a picture frame or some jewellery is always nice to have, but realistically, how useful are these gifts when it comes to investing in the future. 

Nothing to whine about

What is really needed, and very much wanted, according to today’s graduate students, is a foot on the path to success. Sage financial guidance is perhaps the best present any graduate could want, meaning financial gifts such as investment portfolios are today far more impactful than a simple cheque. So, isn’t it time that you got your bright young thing started on an investment path? 

Graduation provides an opportunity for savvy parents and grandparents to start teaching valuable investment lessons. However, traditional portfolios of stocks and shares come with their own pitfalls. It is well documented that the stock market can go down as well as up, potentially wiping out any nest egg that you might have been growing (hello, Lehman brothers). Therefore the question remains, in an age of stock market negativity and financial volatility, how can you help get your graduate on the financial ladder without giving them a gift which is more trouble than it’s worth?

A Fashion for Passion

Enter passion assets. If you are not familiar with these, we have a great blog on the subject here. Passion assets also called alternative investments, are tangible goods whose value remains stable when the going gets tough. And let’s face it, investing in something solid these days seems very enticing. When you invest in a product you understand, can relate to and are passionate about, you add a whole new emotion to the investing experience. When investing in assets that are familiar, the whole process becomes a much more positive experience. The satisfaction that these passion assets give is far, far greater than a random amount of shares in a company you’ve never heard of. And that, for the younger generation of graduate investors, weighs much heavier than the contents of the portfolio itself. These products are sexy, and speak to those in their 20s far more than faceless companies: think luxury handbags, limited-edition sneakers and yes, fine wine. 

Investing in fine wine can be both enjoyable and very rewarding, providing the opportunity to explore, understand and own some of the finest luxury products in the world. But the asset has turned the younger generation of investors off, as it has traditionally been seen as a stuffy, old person’s game. Today, that’s just not true. 

It’s a Cellar’s Market

New platforms such as Vindome are looking to change that narrative. These app-centric platforms are looking to woo greener investors by guiding users through investing in managed portfolios of investment-grade fine wines. Fact: Fine wine has outperformed the S&P 500 over the past 40 years and, despite lucrative returns, the traditional route of relying on a broker, negotiant or other third party was a barrier to many, particularly the young. Problems such as what to buy, not having any market knowledge, where to store and not having access to the resources required for the traditionally high entry-level asset were blockers for digital natives. By introducing wine investment to the digital consumer Vindome has broken down the traditional obstacles surrounding the market, offering a one-stop app that makes investing in wine, sexy, cool and, above all, easy. 

The free app grants users access to benefit from the team’s vast background of fine wine knowledge, whether you are an experienced collector, or wine investment newbie. You’ll find everything you need on the one-stop app – hundreds of wine guides to help you make an informed choice, portfolio performance to track your investments, historical data points for savvy investing and both a Live Market (for specific wines) or a Collection option for clients who want to get started but don’t want the hassle. And when we say clients, we mean everyone: no minimum investment is required to start investing, opening the market to all ages and budgets.

The bottom line is that these days fine wine is cool. Owning big brand names such as Petrus or Cheval Blanc gives your graduate a chance to own something that not only oozes sex appeal but gives them an investment nest egg that will only grow with time. Of course, fine wine is not just for graduation – this is a gift that will grow in both quality and value over time, meaning there is no shortage of occasions. And we include presents to ourselves in that list.

If you’re looking for a graduation gift that will make a lasting statement, Vindome offers its clients a gift option that makes the ideal present. Simply click and buy. It’s that simple.

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